OneWay is a way to get positively tired in a cosy atmosphere, surrounded by nature. Tasty detox and huge energy boost included. This is not your typical weight-loss holiday. It is not a crowded fitness camp, but an exclusive adventure. We lose weight on the fly.

Imagine, for a couple of days you don’t have to think about anything. You are in an amazing, luxurious house smelling of fresh wood by the stream. You wake up at 7am, drink a glass of spring water. You go out for morning exercise on the terrace with its beautiful view of the mountains. You are there first, a roe sees you and runs off in to the forest. Your trainer, and the rest of the participants join you. There is no music. Only birds’ song accompanies your morning stretching. A truly magical moment.

Straight after the exercises you go for breakfast, served by a magical hand while you were training. Blinis with raspberry caviar accompanied by wild blueberries in yoghurt. A moment for your senses. Time to pack a lunch box and a snack. You and the group set off to the mountains. You wait for the other participants and guides, who allow you not to think what, where and how. You start your 8 hours long hike. At times it is heavy, each step is an effort. But in a moment it will even out, then finally downhill again.

It is 11am – time for a snack and some socialising. Another summit awaits, and then another ridge. Time for lunch. Someone made it for you, along with cutlery and a napkin. You did not have to worry about anything. Chickpeas and vegetables salad with coriander. End of the break. Next step. You did not know there is such strength in you – how hiking simplifies things that seemed haywire. Physical activity can be a road, rather than a destination.

Upon your return there is a tray with a rhubarb, spinach and pear smoothie waiting for you. You chug it down. You don’t let your body cool down. Our Yoga trainer is already awaiting you. During the exercise you find your body still has something to give. After training it is time for a bath and dinner. Your light vegetable snack is a piece of art. Zucchini lasagne with a mysterious pesto, a secret recipe known only to the chef. He creates true miracles on your plate. Served as if you were in a star restaurant. Next comes in the white vegetables cream with grated truffle and truffled olive oil.

In the living room you can hear the crackling of the fireplace. Dinner is coming to an end. Now it is time for massages, quiet moments for yourself in the sauna, the swimming pool or our luxurious whirlpool. You decided to wait for your massage in a warm whirlpool outside, reading a book you never had time to read before. You think – how wonderful, a similar day awaits me tomorrow.

A lot of us think that a day, weekend or, heaven forbid, a week just for yourself is a sin. We consider it stealing the time from our family. Nothing could be more wrong. A couple of days a year is not a big cost, when compared to your gain – You will be a relaxed, healthier and happier wife, mother, employee or boss.

That was our conclusion after our 40th birthday. We were accomplished, yet exhausted mothers and wives. We got away together for a week and that’s where we had the idea for a luxurious bootcamp. Bootcamp is a military training camp. Luxurious bootcamp is an oxymoron, but we materialised it. We organise it in beautiful houses in different, picturesque parts of Poland, where surrounded by nature and luxury you can finally devote time to yourself, without having to think about anything else.

If like us, you need a moment just for yourself, far away from everyday obligations – find out more about our offer!