OneWay Original requires some earlier preparation from the participants. It is not a retreat for professional sports people – but we do not recommend it to people unused to physical activity.

If you are thinking that OneWay Original might be too big of a challenge we invite you to OneWay Soft and then to join OneWay Original next time.

OneWay Soft does not require any kind of preparation. It is not a retreat for people who perform sports on competitive level or those who are very active on daily basis. Every healthy person can face our adventure. We cannot promise that it will be without any effort though.

Physical activity is something that in current times is especially necessary. Most of us work all day sitting or standing. We have problems with our spines and keeping the right posture. During the OneWay fitness trip we start the day with morning exercise (on the terrace, when the weather is good). It is a very important moment of the day, a moment just for you to focus your thoughts, to prepare the body for the coming effort. We want you to try to continue those exercises after the trip is finished. Even a couple of minutes of morning stretching relaxes the tendons, strengthens the muscles and gives your body a boost of oxygen. It is very important to start the day right – not always with a coffee.

Next point on the programme: we set out on a several hours long hike. It is the most important element of OneWay. Hence the carefully selected routes and wonderful guides who will look after you and motivate you and help overcome your limits. Our trips will allow you to feel the beauty of Beskid Sądecki and Pieniny: Dzwonkówka, Trzy Korony, Przehyba, Wysoka, Szczawnica, Przysłop. Some of the trips we start straight from home. We also have a comfortable bus at hand for trips that start further away. Two qualified guides who will show you the beauty of our mountains and look after the group. At the same time they will take care of your comfort and adapt the program and pace to your abilities.

After coming back from the mountains we finish our work on our endurance with a training toning and sculpting the muscles.