One of your goals during OneWay fitness-slimming trip is to cleanse your body and slim your figure. That is why diet is very important at OneWay. An experienced dietician supervises the composition of the ingredients – they are based on the needs of your body and focused on their cleansing effect. A sous chef from a Warsaw restaurant takes care of the flavours.

We propose diet that is probably completely different than your daily food habits. It is a well-balanced vegetarian diet, gluten-free, rich in local, non-processed products. It favours giving up the usual food habits and coming closer, as close as possible, to the nature. It will deliver high doses of vitamins and nutrients, necessary for regeneration and bringing back natural processes in the organism.

Thanks to the high content of dietary fiber intestinal motility will improve. Meals will be digested more thoroughly and the intestines will be cleared of accumulated content. This will cause additional weight loss. Fiber will also allow the excretion of some metabolites and heavy metals from the body, and therefore will intensify the natural detoxification of the organism.

„Detox” diets are a cliché. Over the course of evolution, the human body developed sophisticated mechanisms for the excretion of hazardous substances. We can only look for products enhancing these processes, such as the already mentioned fiber. Coriander, malic acid (found in grapes, apples, blueberries), citric acid (in the peel and flesh of citrus fruit) succinic acid (found in grapes and blueberries) as well as chlorella (a type of algae, added to smoothies) have been proven to work as natural eliminators of heavy metals. All these products appear on our menu in significant quantities.

High amount of fruit and vegetables will ensure high intake of antioxidant vitamins – vitamins A, C, E and bioflavonoids, which will positively affect body’s defence against free radicals and reduce the risk of many civilisation diseases such as atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases in elderly people such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

The elimination of gluten, a protein nowadays often not tolerated by our bodies, from the diet is aimed at improving well being and bowel function, thereby improving the look of the stomach, increasing hunger control satiety and also reducing swelling. The diet will provide a variety of grains so in no way it will be deficient. In fact, in some, or maybe even in most cases this elimination will bring additional health benefits.

This sounds like a big challenge to you? New beginnings and finding motivation to change our everyday life can be difficult. Such separation from traditional food, together with activity and relaxation for the mind will cause first changes in the look and weight, which will later help to introduce a healthy lifestyle in your everyday life. We are sure it is going to work.

Remember, the experienced dietician takes care of composing the ingredients in accordance with the needs of your body.

Your meals will not be big, so it is important they are delicious. To achieve this goal, during the whole stay there is a sous chef with us from a great Warsaw restaurant.