Each day during the OneWay retreats is finished with a massage aimed to bring you relaxation and relief, but also to prepare you for a next day.

That is why each treatment will be customised to the individual needs and as much as possible. It will include elements of sports massage, the goal of which is to reduce the consequences of the hike.

Our after-hike massage has positive influence on the regeneration and efficiency of muscles and is also a great way to reduce pain caused by your efforts.

The massage programme also constitutes an important addition to your diet and the efforts of exercises and hiking. Its purpose is to stimulate the lymphatic system responsible for removing toxins from your body.

Additional aim of the massage is the improvement of the microcirculation as well as firming your skin and making it more elastic. Thanks to a better blood supply to the muscles and skin we speed up the metabolism.

All massages are performed by experienced physiotherapists who will consider your individual needs and choose the right kind of massage for you (myofascial, sport, Japanese face massage or lomi lomi nui).

For the treatments we use carefully chosen cosmetics with properties such as: removing water and toxins from the organism, burning the fat tissue, improving the metabolism (L-carnitine, ginger, caffeine, vitamin C).

It will not only be another pleasant hour of your day with OneWay, but also extraordinary experience, deep relaxation for your body and mind. If you are looking for rest, disconnection from every day – our luxurious bootcamp is for you!