ONEWAY LUXURY BOOTCAMP CONCEPT – exclusive, cosy, slimming fitness retreats joining leisure with a healthy, balanced diet, regeneration and wellness.

Thanks to the cooperation with outstanding professionals we offer unique, specially prepared programmes to improve your shape alongside healthy and delicious nutrition. The programme brings you better fitness and helps introduce healthy eating habits in your daily life.

Positive exhaustion, surrounded by incredible views and stunning nature, regular meals and a properly composed diet create the perfect backdrop for your retreat, and present a wonderful opportunity to win a leaner silhouette and improve your health.

Choosing the retreat with us we guarantee:
– comfortable living conditions
– daily supreme massages
– intense trainings and open air activity under the watchful eye of our guides and instructors
– delicious, regular meals prepared by an extraordinary chef
– full service provided by our experienced staff throughout your stay

Our retreats are not only about detoxing your body, but also a wonderful possibility to empty your head, slow down, relax and rest, while surrounded by nature. During the retreats each day is planned in detail, counting in the necessary elements to improve overall fitness and regenerate your body. Specially prepared programmes allow for safe weight loss and slimming of the silhouette while avoiding the yo-yo effect. It also helps to start lasting changes in eating habits and offers motivation for regular physical activity. Even after you return home.