OneWay Original is a fitness retreat blending high intensity physical activity in mountain terrain, a healthy and balanced diet, recovery and wellness in beautiful landscapes with luxurious living conditions.

OneWay Original is prepared in a way allowing our participants not to think about anything. They do not have to organise or worry about anything. Within our offer it is guaranteed for the participants:

  • Accommodation in a luxurious, remotely located villa, equipped with a sauna, whirlpool, living room with a fireplace (some of our villas also have a pool).
  • 5 meals per day, prepared and served by sous chef from one of the best Warsaw restaurants (on a first day we start with lunch, on a last day the participants receive a lunch parcel for the road)
  • Daily hikes accompanied by two professional mountain guides
  • Daily morning exercise with an energetic fitness trainer
  • Daily evening yoga and relaxation
  • Daily, hour long massages – a unique experience preparing the body for the next day’s labour;
  • Great surprise for your breaking day (usually day three)
  • Laundry service
  • Full service by experienced staff during your stay. We will make sure everything is properly organised, the fireplace is lit before you come back from your hike and everyone feels fully taken care of

Choosing OneWay Original you can be sure you will spend your time actively, close to nature, in the company of fantastic people, who also value privacy and comfort.

Our Team

Throughout the whole stay all the participants are taken care of by our carefully selected team of specialists. Morning exercises, evening yoga, and relaxation are lead by outstanding, professional instructors full of passion.

During the hike in the mountains two guides accompany us – one leads, and the other closes the group. It is necessary due to different pace of the participants as well as to provide comfort, safety and possibility to accommodate a current situation on the trail (or outside of it…)

Our diet was developed taking into account both nutrition values and cleansing effect on the body, by a dietician cooperating permanently with OneWay. Meals are prepared everyday by a sous chef of one of the best restaurants in Warsaw

Each day ends with a massage that prepares the body for the efforts of the next day, as well as inducing a state of deep relaxation in the body. All massages are performed by experienced physiotherapists. Taking care of your body is their main priority.


Goals and results of OneWay Original

OneWay Original helps to start long lasting habit changes for a healthy lifestyle.

During our OneWay Original retreats we emphasise physical activity a lot. Apart from improving overall fitness it helps you disconnect from daily routine, focus only on yourself and rest from stress.

During OneWay Original retreats we don’t drink alcohol or eat any meat products. It is in the principles of the diet as well as to help meet the activities prepared within OneWay.

OneWay Original is a community of experiences and often friendships for the rest of your life. OneWay gives also other spectacular effects. Our participants:

  • Overcome their limitations and come back happy and full of satisfaction;
  • Lose kilograms
  • Lose centimetres
  • Change eating habits
  • Experience new, great flavours (our chef creates miracles on the plates)
  • Clear their bodies and minds
  • Gain endorphins, distance, inspiration and energy for months after returning home
  • Unique memories and experiences.
Our participants

We attach particular importance to the comfort of our participants. This is why OneWay retreats are so small and there is no more than a dozen or so of people. It is important, because one of the goals of our trips is the possibility to spend time in peace and quiet, far away from hustle and speed of life we face every day.

Our participants often live in big cities, work long hours, and carry the heavy luggage of their daily responsibilities. They are burdened with a lot of stress. OneWay retreat is a platform that helps them recharge their batteries for the next months.

A Day at OneWay

Typical day at OneWay starts early in the morning. Warm up exercises prepare you for a long day of activity. After breakfast we set out for a several hours (about 7 hours), intense hike. During the hike we maintain a fast pace at all times and stops are limited to two – one for a snack and one for lunch. Guides motivate the participants to keep up the pace and take care of the well being of our participants as well as support those who walk slower.

Mountains are our unique gym – the whole day we are surrounded by magnificent nature and breathe fresh mountain air. We choose routes giving opportunities to experience nature, far away from crowds of tourists and stressful thoughts – this is a special experience.

After returning from the hike smoothies full of vitamins will be waiting for our brave hikers. Our professional Yoga instructor awaits the group in order to aid recovery and guide them into a state of deep relaxation after there strenuous day in the mountains. The day ends for each of the participants with a massage, performed by the best specialists. On the last day there is a meeting summing up the retreat instead of the massage.


OneWay Original requires some earlier preparation from the participants. It is not a retreat for professional sports people – but we do not recommend it to people unused to physical activity.

If you are thinking that OneWay Original might be too big of a challenge we invite you to OneWay Soft and then to join OneWay Original next time.

Choosing OneWay Original you can be sure you will spend your time actively, close to nature, in the company of fantastic people, who also value privacy and comfort.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email: or by phone: +48 505 449 049.

Current dates of ONEWAY Bootcamps in 2019 you can find here!